Sagittarius and Gemini Compatibility

Fire and Air? What best to keep a Fire going than a fresh gust of wind? If you have managed to catch the Air from a Gemini, you should do your best to keep on to it.

Gemini, being an Air sign, has so many characteristics you will find attractive. Geminis are lively, exuberant, optimistic, always full of interesting and intellectual conversation – very stimulating for you.

As well, with a Gemini partner, you have finally found someone who values freedom as much as you! Here is someone who is completely understanding about your wariness towards commitment, your need to travel and adventure instead of staying cooped up at home. And indeed, your Gemini will often be by your side as you explore and start enterprising projects.

Neither of you worry about being too devoted or faithful (read: attached, this is a side effect of loving freedom so much) but both of you trust one another so it won’t be much of an issue.

If you do end up seeing a few annoyances or irritating behaviour coming from your partner, look within. It is often the case that something someone else is doing that is annoying, you often do yourself. If you can solve the problem within yourself, it often dissipates in your loved one as well.

Air signs tend to be more rational and logical, and you will need to show your partner the other side of life – the side of emotions and feelings. Gemini is also a cynical sign, less spiritual than you wish. However, the intellectual capacity coming from both of you will more than make up for this. You can talk about any subject with a Gemini without having to tiptoe around touchy subjects. Geminis enjoy collecting knowledge.

Together, you two can forge a path through the world, making friends and enjoying your time with one another. If you can manage to overcome a few hurdles and complications along the way, it can only make your love stronger!