Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility

Fire and Fire? The Fire of your relationship may burn brightly, perhaps a little too brightly. The compatibility is nearly all there, except for a few kinks.

Aries is first and foremost a conqueror. An adventurer who needs change to survive and never stays in the same spot for long. Aries is high-energy, action-oriented and thrives as a leader.

You, dear Sagittarius, will feel drawn to an Aries. Here is someone to lead you on your great adventure, a companion who understands your special sense of wanderlust!

However, neither of you are very good at control, and your combined Fires may burn so brightly they fizzle out!

You are both spontaneous; you are extroverted; you take joy in other people’s company as well as one another’s. Your partnership, if it can last and survive your tumultuous energies, will always be exciting and full of adventure; filled with your special sort of passion.

The biggest problem with your relationship will be your freedom-loving ways. Aries enjoys being the leader – being the center of your world, one might say. Aries will at times demand your attention and adoration and this may scare you, it might seem like you are giving up your freedom for your partner.

If you can explain the importance of your independence to your partner… maybe. However Aries is headstrong and stubborn, and often feels the need to be “right” in an argument. Trying to convince your Aries to change is like trying to put your hands in a fire without getting burned.

If you and your partner compromise, this relationship could be wondrous.