Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Sagittarius and Aquarius, are you compatible? It’s certainly promising – Air and Fire almost always make miracles together.

You share common interests and goals with your Aquarius, guaranteeing there will always be communication and intelligent conversation between the two of you. You are both interested in keeping your freedom, although your partner would rather free the entire human race, while you merely want to keep your own personal independence. You will be able to appreciate her vast goals, however. You may even find them interesting yourself!

Aquarius is a gust of fresh Air, possessing a flirtatious and interesting charm that will always keep you drawn in. You both believe in cooperation and keeping things interesting, and there won’t be many arguments in your future. If you do happen to disagree about something, Aquarius’s Air will blow out your angry Fire very quickly with his charm and wit; you just can’t stay angry with your partner very long.

Aquarius secretly yearns for stability and that is just what you have to offer (not much of it, but enough for the gusty Air sign.) Together, you two would be an interesting pair. You must also show your Aquarius a good time, and change up your routine every once in awhile, or else he may get bored with everything always being the same.

Your sex life will reside on a mental, intellectual level, an interesting challenge.

This relationship is definitely worth a shot. You both have common interests and goals, you enjoy much of the same activities, and you both treasure your freedom, guaranteeing you will never be held down for long. Take a chance!