Pisces and Virgo Compatibility

Water and earth – be wary of making mud. Is Pisces and Virgo Compatibility an option? It depends. Pisces and Virgo are six months away from each other, zodiac opposites, so either this relationship will be the best thing of your life or the worst experience you’ve ever had.

In the beginning, both Pisces and Virgo will be strongly attracted to each other. Virgo is methodical and realistic, a charming pragmatist. He will be captivated by the Pisces’ imagination, her creativeness and wondering personality. Likewise, the Pisces will be captivated with the Virgo’s preciseness and charm.

Virgo, being a pragmatist, is great at precision, possessing a profound verbosity and a need for perfectionism. Virgo looks at everything with a critical eye, inspecting it for flaws and noticing what others cannot see. Pisces, on the other hand, is master of the vague and complex world of emotions. Pisces possesses an intuition for emotions, both from others and herself. This will sometimes baffle the realist in Virgo, who can’t be as emotional as a Pisces needs.

Pisces and Virgo are completely different. They both discover the beauty of everything around them, however Virgo has a need to classify and exact the beauty, analyzing its flaws and strengths, while Pisces can sit back and enjoy it for what it is without bothering to ask questions. In this Virgo can extremely annoy Pisces with his constant questions and criticisms, which may lead to strife and conflict.

Virgo’s tendency to question everything can lead to both partners becoming upset and difficult to handle, as Pisces tires easily of questions and would rather respond with a shrug of the shoulders than the precise answer which Virgo seeks. Virgo is the master of objectiveness while Pisces is the mistress of the subjective – a dangerous combination in an argument.

Virgo is practical and hardworking, keeping a tight lock on his money. Pisces, while not very interested in working, loves to spend money on impulsive and sometimes wasteful things. This would be another stressful part of your relationship, having to argue whether it is better to save money, or buy an inspirational painting.

At least both Pisces and Virgo have their energies directed towards the same place, which gives you both something to talk about and philosophize on. However, while the Pisces would rather let her energy wash over everything, enjoying it all, Virgo needs to get into every nook and cranny, exploring all possibilities. Plan on having different views from each other.

In order for the Virgo to catch you, Pisces, he needs to have himself firmly planted and hold on for dear life. Only then, Pisces and Virgo Compatibility can work.