Pisces and Taurus Compatibility

Water and Earth; this combination can make mud or facilitate a strong-running river. The stars predict the latter. Definitely worth trying if you can put forth the effort! Pisces and Taurus Compatibility is considered to be somewhat controvertial since they have as many common points as points they disagree on. Pisces is a flighty philosopher with her head in the clouds, not materialistic or bogged down with money woes. Taurus is the strong and sensible, yet materialistic, Bull, prone to making a fortune and spending it on lots of extravagant items. You two will pair nicely, seeing that Pisces tends to make a mess out of their finances.

Taurus is forever a romantic, and very sensual. Your Bull regards sex as an art form and believes that the best way to show his love is to make love. To you. Repeatedly. Taurus will find deep meaning in your every caress, and will be very faithful and understanding.

Taurus will be attracted to your dreams and visionary prowess, your resourcefulness and novel ideas. Once past the initial stage, Taurus will sacrifice just as much as you will in order to make the relationship work, so don’t be afraid of proposing compromises. And remember, even if your Bull doesn’t agree with you, she will always understand your point of view. A point of disagreement however is Taurus’s ability to hide her feelings when upset. Taurus is very good at controlling negative reactions, so it will take some time for you to open the Bull up.

If you, being a Water sign, manage to conform yourself to Taurus and accept his materialism and practicality, you will gain a strong partner. While you would rather sit back and relax, dreaming up ideas in bed or on the sofa, Taurus will take those ideas and implement them, making a good pair of the two of you. As long as Pisces can maintain a home for Taurus to come back to every night, you won’t find many disagreements in your relationship.

Pisces and Taurus Compatibility is very high, if you can both make some compromises. Pisces needs to pull her head out of the clouds every so often, while Taurus needs to let go of his Fish’s tail at times and let her wander.