Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

Water mixed with more water. Pisces and Scorpio compatibility is nearly perfect. If you have found your Scorpio, never look back sweet Pisces!

Scorpio is like you in so many different ways and will understand you many others. He will “just get you”, perfectly understanding feelings and emotions that no one before has ever come close to. Possessing deep spirituality and an appreciation for discretion, Pisces will absolutely fall for Scorpio’s complete understanding and strong, lasting love.

Pisces and Scorpio both regard making love as a sacred act, and both enjoy doing it in an emotional, intense way. However, be warned that Scorpio is very jealous. You should only start a sexual relationship with your partner when you are completely faithful to her. Once you start making love with your Scorpio, they will expect 100% faithfulness and feel entitled to their jealous thoughts. For a Scorpio, sex means ownership over their partner.

Scorpios lead intense and mysterious lives, and sometimes they undergo periods of loneliness. If your partner feels lonely, snuggle in close to him and get him to open up – ask him to share the thoughts and feelings going through his mind. Don’t expect this to be a cakewalk, however. You need to employ all your wit and charm, as well as intuition, in order to see into the inner chambers of your Scorpio’s heart. However you, of all people, can empathize with your partner’s need for that secret hiding spot.

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility complements each other very well, and you should have little trouble in your relationship.