Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility

Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility is equivillant to mixing fire and water – Your relationship will not come easily.

Your Sagittarius will be very straight to the point, sometimes at the cost of your feelings. Pisces are used to lightly stepping around difficult conversations, while a Sagittarius will charge through like a bull in a china shop. If you ask your Sagittarius why they’ve said what they have, their answers are often “Because I was asked!” Be wary.

Sagittarius is an educated philosopher, always hungry for new knowledge. This trait will attract you, however his lack of tact and criticism will make you second guess your decisions about spending your entire life with him.

As a Pisces you tend to worry too much and doubt yours and others decisions. Sagittarius is quite the opposite, loving to travel and explore with no doubts or fears. If you decide to be with your Sagittarius wherever she goes, be prepared for a continual drain on your energy. If you really love her, however, you can make it work. Another possible energy drain is your Sagittarius partner’s love of activity and staying in motion. While you would rather stay at home, relaxing with a good movie or book, your Sagittarius wants to be up and moving, active. While you may be able to compromise on something to do – Yoga or a nice leisurely stroll through the woods, remember that this will require willpower from each of you. But be warned again that Pisces are prone to losing a lot of energy a fast-paced lifestyle.

In the bedroom, Sagittarius treats making love like a game, acting playful and amusing. As a result, their sexual attitude lacks the deep, intense emotions that a Pisces craves. Your job in this case is to let your Sagittarius know you don’t want jokes in the bedroom.

In regards to Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility, be prepared for the whole truth and nothing but the truth from your companion, as well as exhausting travel and constant activity. If you can overcome these barriers, your relationship might yet last.