Pisces and Pisces Compatibility

When asking about Pisces and Pisces Compatibility, remember they will meet and operate at an entirely emotional level, leaving the physical world far behind them. This can lead to both frustrating and beautiful situations.

Both of you will understand the other and are able to connect both intuitively and emotionally. You each possess giving and caring personalities, which will lead you straight into the others arms.

You and your partner both being Pisces makes spending your free time together easy. Don’t be surprised discovering you each like the same movies, books, or recreational activities. Pisces is a creative and imaginative sign, so you are both just as easily entertained staying in, talking and dreaming together on the couch, as you are wandering through an art museum, admiring the works.

You and your partner are the same, so you should be understanding when she needs moments of solitude, which you yourself feel an urge for every once in awhile. You will be able to respect the amount of tranquil harmony your partner yearns for, as well as her constant dreaming. On top of this, connecting sexually with your Pisces will be Heaven on Earth. Pisces are naturally intuitive, and when paired with another Pisces? You each will fulfill the others sexual needs, leading to an intense union of your souls.

There are a few problems to look out for, however. Neither of you enjoy the thought of making decisions or taking charge, which will lead to some apathy in the relationship. You don’t worry about money, won’t keep any savings and often keep your heads in the clouds, taking prolonged mental trips from the real world.

This disliking of reality is mirrored within both of you, which may lead to difficulties living on Earth. While you each can build your own dream world and live within the clouds peacefully, this will also lead to some problems getting through to your partner, who may be too preoccupied to pay attention to any actual problems. You had best hope that one of you has an Earth influence in your signs, otherwise you will be lost to drift in the clouds.

You and your Pisces partner can still do well, however. Inject a small amount of reality into your relationship, mix with this some common sense and some real-world management, and you two will do just fine together.

Pisces and Pisces compatibility is definitely there, especially on an emotional level, but one of you has to be responsible enough to come down to Earth every once in awhile to touch base.