Pisces and Libra Compatibility

Libra is the air in Pisces’ water – creating a bubbly mix. Stars may frown on this couple, but with a little extra work Pisces and Libra compatibility can definitely result in a fine relationship.

Libra may come off as polished and elegant on the outside, but she still retains a sweet absent-mindedness which will endear you to her. She is sociable, able to find friends no matter the situation. This may exhaust the Pisces, who is extra sensitive to the energies surrounding him while socializing. Being more sensitive and introverted by nature, Pisces will periodically need to retire and relax, recovering his strength through meditation or even sitting down to a soothing book or humorous movie. On the other hand, look for your Libra in public, even exotic places, always popular and surrounded by her friends.

Your need for solitude will worry your Libra, so you will have to compromise some days and go out even if you don’t feel like it – for the sake of your relationship. Libras are fashionable socialites, enjoying cultural escapades and high-class resorts. Though you’d prefer to stay at home with your favorite book or TV show, you will have to show yourself off with your Libra in public, proving to your partner that you are adequate at socializing. The choice is of course yours alone to make.

A point of contention you will need to be wary of is Libra’s overwhelming need to analyze actions, both yours and others surrounding you. Most often, their need for logical answers will clash with your intuition. Pisces can find answers by looking within and trusting their instincts, while Libra needs solid explanations and plain facts to come to the same conclusion.

Pisces is passive, which fits perfectly with Libra’s dominating personality. Most Pisces hate decision-making, so this is a heavenly match in that regard. As for when you get in an argument, though Libra feels the need to dominate, he will always be diplomatic about your feelings – never letting your feelings get hurt. However, be aware that a Libra is like a dog with a bone when it comes to arguments and will rarely give up without reason. You may tire of the discussion long before Libra is willing to let it go.

You will be attracted to Libra’s gentle nature and refined elegance – Libra’s charisma is enough to win even the biggest grouch over to their side. However, be wary of starting arguments with your Libra if you’re not completely prepared for them. If you keep in mind the energy draining activities Libra so loves to do as well, Pisces and Libra Compatibility may be possible!