Pisces and Leo Compatibility

Pisces and Leo Compatibility is equivalent to playing with Water and Fire. While this relationship may generate creativity and genuine excitement from the both of you, it is more likely that the Lion’s fire will dry Pisces up.

Much like Pisces, Leo is a very creative, giving, caring sign. However, while Pisces is more philosophical, opting to stay in and daydream, Leo wants to have action with his creativity. You each will be attracted to each others creative vision and sensitivity.

Leo loves being courteous and flirtatious, and Pisces will soak this attention right up. Another positive trait is Leo’s strength of will, which Pisces will lean on more than once for support and decision-making. Leo will enjoy being appreciated and on top, and if you, sweet Pisces, insert tactful and honest compliments about your Leo, he will continue being your pillar of support. Leo will also give Pisces a needed boost of the self-confidence and courage needed to accomplish their goals.

While your Leo possesses a can-do, in-charge attitude, subtlety and emotional intuitiveness escape him. You will need to teach him the wealth of emotional knowledge you have learned, as well as the meaning of tact. Another point of contention is Leo’s lean towards stubbornness. Pisces is very flexible, but be aware of your Lion stretching you to the breaking point. You will have to sacrifice much to stay in this relationship, and lose many battles, but if the rewards outnumber the sacrifices your relationship may last.

Leo and Pisces both enjoy being the center of attention, however Leo knows when to step down and give Pisces her go. Leo’s generosity will show itself in the amount of presents he buys for you and the number of dates, a lot of them expensive, he will take you on. Be wary, however, that neither of you worry about money and are free spenders, so you may find your bank accounts empty at the end of the day.

You fulfill each others sexual needs – Leo’s fondness for being the center of attention comes out, and Pisces insistent urge to please fulfills Leo’s every need. However, this can go too far and Leo will want everything his way, which will lead, as I’ve said before, to Pisces having to sacrifice yet again. At the very least, your sex life will always have passion.

While you may succeed at your relationship, keep in mind that Leo will always be #1. You will never have an equal relationship. Leo is dominating and on top and will always expect subordination from you, little Fish. If you are able to adore him daily, and if your Lion admits sometimes that your opinion may be better than his, your relationship may yet work. I for one, however, Pisces and Leo compatibility is a myth.