Pisces and Gemini Compatibility

Seltzer water! Pisces and Gemini compatibility is not merely a dream, but the relationship will take some work if you want it to turn out well.

This is an unconventional pairing. Gemini prefers an environment full of various stimulating conversations, with lots of people in a wide open space where she can wander at will. Pisces is often the exact opposite, preferring quiet, dreaming isolation and at times craving loneliness. Gemini’s propensity to wander will at most fan the flame of Pisces’ jealousy and at least tire the poor Fish out, having to chase Gemini’s errant breeze every which way. Gemini wants to go out and romp constantly. You need to convince your Gemini that some times the best type of activity is sitting in the peace of your own home, relaxing with a good book or movie.

Pisces is so intuitive and relies so much on her inner emotions, Gemini sometimes will not understand the decisions or seemingly “random” choices she makes. Gemini will ask you to justify yourself on more than one occasion, analyzing every answer you give. This may lead to some trouble for the freedom-loving Pisces. On the other hand, Gemini also tends to follow their emotions unknowingly, wandering far and wide, which will be frustrating for the inactive Pisces.

Gemini loves to talk, and will have hour-long conversations with you about your life, your dreams, passions, intuitions and feelings. The only problem is that while Gemini enjoys talking, how much he actually absorbs and understands is another question entirely. Gemini needs a teacher in order to understand emotions and intuitions more thoroughly and profoundly. That is where you come in. A plus side to teaching your partner is that they are malleable when tempered with the right hammer.

Sexually, Gemini loves your emotional ability and creativeness. It will drive her crazy if you whisper the right tender words into her ear. But again, you will need to teach your partner how to feel the emotions on a deeper level.

Geminis base their relationships on fervent enthusiasm and a large capacity for freedom. Your partner will not be as sensitive or deep as you wish they were. Pisces and Gemini Compatibility is definitely worth trying if you each put in effort and compromise.