Pisces and Capricorn Compatibility

Water and earth, a mixture of ambition and vision… this could be a good union. Pisces and Capricorn are compatiblity is reasonable.

Capricorn is generally a feminine sign, meaning they are capable of understanding Pisces’ visions, their emotions, intuitions and needs. Intellectual, determined and practical, Capricorn would make a good life partner for Pisces. The Capricorn possesses an excellent sense of humor, leading them to be quite sociable. However they are also realists, and a little too cold for Pisces’ tastes. Fortunately for you, dear Pisces, Capricorns can easily be convinced to change, so if you try and try you will eventually get the best of him/her.

Capricorns are materialistic (which may bring up a small problem considering the visionary nature of Pisces), but this is a good thing because Pisces hold no interest for money. A Pisces knows that one way or another money will come to them. If you asked a Pisces how they know this will happen, they will shrug… there is no way to explain the complicated and unique intuitive processes by which they know.

Capricorns are most at ease in a well-equipped house : meaning an up-to-date washing machine and refrigerator, a reasonable car and television, et cetera. Capricorn’s materialism protects him from unexpected disasters and thus they often have rich lives. However, Capricorn is always aware of her social status and often makes a big deal about it. Pisces tends to live in his own world most of the time and doesn’t care about practical or superficial things. As a result, this is exactly when the relationship may stumble. While Pisces would prefer to buy an inspirational painting, Capricorn will knit her eyes at it and drag Pisces to the household section – thinking of buying a new refrigerator!

Sexually, Capricorn is artistic and committed. Be prepared for a show – she will make love slowly, passionately, and with deep emotion and feeling. Capricorn will also delight in Pisces’ imaginative side and strong persona. Capricorn may love deeply, however, they will not show it as much as a Pisces yearns for. For a Capricorn, her love shines through her actions and therefore doesn’t need confirmation. So, little Fish, you may often long for the words you need so much.

Pisces and Capricorn compatibility results in a peaceful life. This shared yearning will bond you together. Capricorn is diplomatic and kind, knowing how to follow Pisces’ path, but will still harbor his own dreams; following his own goals eagerly when possible. Capricorn will keep a part of her soul solely for herself, and if a Pisces can find the right key and enter this forbidden room, your relationship will be perfect.