Pisces and Aries Compatibility

Water and Fire… while this may make a relaxing steam bath, be wary of getting burned. Initially, Pisces and Aries Compatibility will be like watching two opposite ends of a magnet, being drawn together very strongly. It will at first seem like an unbreakable bond, but this will be an exhausting relationship for you, dear Pisces, if you stay very long. You will need to adapt and even then this may not be enough for your fiery partner.

Your partner loves to take over. Pisces doesn’t mind this a bit, finding decision-making to be a tiresome process (as well as possessing a penchant for being dominated.) However as well as pulling all the stops, Aries also enjoys being in the thick of it, opting for acting instead of watching. This could cause some problems for you.

As a result of being action-oriented, Aries does not stop to take time and think about the world around him. He would rather charge through, not bothering with tact or diplomacy, acting impetuous and strong-willed. Pisces is more of a tactful negotiator, and when in an argument will use her emotions and intuition in order to not hurt her partner’s feelings. Aries’ bullheadedness will hurt Pisces’ feelings on more than one occasion.

Despite Pisces’ tendency to dream, he wants his partner to think through her actions before she sets them into motion. Aries is much the difference, she would rather he do something, anything! You will err on the side of caution in this relationship, while Aries may make foolish judgments. Aries lifestyle is guided by the concept, “do”, instead of “think”, as a Pisces is.

At the beginning of the relationship, Water and Fire will mix perfectly. You and your Aries will be able to sit, hashing out Aries’ ideas for hours on end. The longer this relationship lasts, however, the more tiring it will be for the Pisces. Aries never thinks before speaking, has no concept of subtlety and often hurts his Pisces’ feelings before even realizing what he is saying. On the other side, Pisces would rather daydream and stay relaxing indoors, which will frustrate the action-oriented Aries who wants to get up and move with the world.

In your bedroom, Aries will be creative and passionate, much like he is with any activity he undertakes. However, that is all he will see it as, an activity. Pisces prefers partners who understand the deep, sensual experience that making love is. It is not like playing tennis!

For the conclusion: Is Pisces and Aries compatibility possible? Perhaps if Aries learns when to shut his mouth, or if Pisces can get up off the couch and be more active. However, in the long run you are both going to get tired of this lifestyle. In order for this relationship to work, one or both of you need to change your inherent natures.