Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

Practical and determined, an intellectual sign, Capricorn will be a good life partner for a Pisces. The Capricorn native has an excellent sense of humor, which makes him/her pretty sociable. However, (s)he is generally a little too cold and realist for a Pisces. Fortunately, you can easily convince a Capricorn to change so, if you try, you’ll manage to get the best of him/her.

Capricorn is a very materialist native (and, considering the visionary nature of Pisces, there might be a small problem), but this is good, because money is of no interest to a Pisces. Pisces does not strive for money because (s)he knows that one way or another, it will come to him/her. If you ask him/her how it will happen, (s)he will just shrug his/her shoulders… (s)he knows, but (s)he can’t explain the unique and complicated intuitive processes by means of which (s)he knows.

A mixture of water and air signs. The stars don’t agree with the match and have warned you : Don’t try it because you may be sorry later on. However if you work on the relationship, Pisces and Aquarius compatibility may be a possibility.

Aquarius is mysterious but absent-minded and unapproachable. At first you will be attracted to this but will soon tire of it. Obstinate and impulsive, Aquarius will mostly be incapable of assuming the responsibilities you feel they need to. She is a stubborn native, possessing a fixed sign which can’t change. Guess who’s going to offer more in this relationship?

However, Aquarius is a bright intellectual and will fascinate you with the way he handles and speaks about technical issues. The sign of a progressionist, Aquarius possesses advanced ideas. However, in order to manifest their ideas Aquarius needs a lot of space. This clashes with the Pisces need to be possessive and shower their partner with affection. Aquarius can’t deal with a lot of affection.

Aquarius’ often lead others with a fervent mind and high intellect. But it won’t be before long until you’ll start rethinking your commitment – is all this shining really the gold you were looking for? Is Aquarius asking you to sacrifice too much? It is good to think about whether the relationship is worth it. Aquarius is an analytical rationalist, objective and to the point. How could she ever understand a romantic soul and deep emotions like yours, dear Pisces?

Sexually, it is a pleasure making love to an Aquarius – they are resourceful and imaginative. But a Pisces must ask themselves, is sex alone enough to support a relationship? While Aquarius leaves to explore new territories and conquer the world, you might start packing…

If you and your Aquarius stay together, it is because you, dear Pisces, have worked hard on your trust issues and also because of your willingness to accept Aquarius’ incapacity to understand your emotions and deep feelings.

Is Pisces and Aquarius compatiblity a good idea in the end? Is it possible? Aquarius will explain any mystery to you, satisfy any intellectual curiousity, but will forever be barred from understanding your soul. Are you willing to accept this, dear Pisces?