Libra and Virgo Compatibility

You are a breath of fresh Air in this relationship, while Virgo tends to be stuffy and full of dirt, like a room full of dust that needs airing out. If you are able to open the windows in your Virgo’s soul, you may find something worth keeping. However, this could indeed prove to be a very hard job.

Virgos are serious creatures. They are perfectionists, reserved and drawn inward, unable to open up as fast as one would wish. Of course, your Virgo will be very attracted to you. Libras are refined and elegant, gentle and tender, and above all, they love to talk and communicate with everyone. This happy, bubbly personality will capture your Virgo’s heart, whether he opens up fast or slow.

Virgo will be faithful and dedicated towards you, a stable pillar of support when you need it most. Treat him right, show him respect and admiration, and he may choose to open up his inner soul to you and show you what he is on the inside, something that is rarely seen normally.

Of course, there will be problems between the two of you. Virgo takes a long time to unwind and open up, which can be very frustrating. He has a need for being useful and tidy, and will always be fiddling around in your home, cleaning up after your dinner parties (of which you have many) and making sure everything is in it’s place. Libra tends to be too busy (read: lazy) to do this sort of housework, and it may start arguments between the two of you if Virgo starts to get sick of cleaning up after you. Oh, and you, dear Libra, get bored so easily. Virgo is stable, and yet inflexible, unable to change as much as would please you. You may find yourself yawning three months in…

Virgo is analytical, like you are, but lacks the sentiment and romanticism that is a core part of your life. Virgo is too grounded in Earth, in reality and pragmatism. You won’t have much to talk about after awhile besides what is practical and real.

This relationship will only work if Libra is able to open Virgo up, get him to live life to its fullest and change the stuffy way he normally acts. Libra and Virgo compatibility is low, and yet possible, if you want it to be.