Libra and Taurus Compatibility

Air and Earth… no, it just doesn’t work. Libra and Taurus compatibility is not something you should be thinking about!

Taurus is an Earth sign, a Bull with its feet planted firmly in the ground. Your Taurus will always want to be safe and stable, which means often that he will not be fond of change and spontaneity. Taurus does not like dealing with problems and would rather do housework than have to think up solutions, and you may find this to be a bother after awhile.

Libras enjoy a little impulsiveness every now and then. You enjoy spicing things up and doing something different once in awhile. Taurus will get confused by this if you do it too much, however. Taurus enjoys the routine and, if you have to label it anything, boring. Another sticking point is that you, dear Libra, are also bad at making decisions, so often you two will grind to a halt and ignore a problem staring you both straight in the face.

Tauruses are not all that stuffy, they do know how to have fun. However, if you go out on the town together on a date, you must refrain yourself from flirting with anyone, even ever so slightly. Taurus will notice it and instantly disapprove, and may start to feel insecure in the relationship. Your Bull will be completely faithful to you and expects the exact same dedication in turn. If you do slip up and flirt in front of your partner, expect a hurt look and a sulky mood later.

And while Taurus enjoys a night or two out on the town every week, he would prefer to stay home on the couch, watching a movie, or even go out in the yard for a picnic. Going out too much drains an Earth sign’s energy, and they need to refill this by staying home. Libra, on the other hand, has their energy refilled precisely by going outside and enjoying time with other people, and you will often find yourself leaving your Taurus behind at home while you go out to play, which gives more opportunities for your partner to develop insecurities, unfortunately.

Out of everything else in your relationship, you will enjoy making love to your partner. Tauruses are devoted and dedicated partners, very sensual in bed, and want their lovers to enjoy every moment of time they spend with them sexually. They make sure of this, as well.

Oh, and Libra? Try not to spend too much of your partner’s money. We both know Libras enjoy spending money, but this will upset your partner more than she will be pleased with the development. Oh my, and if you ever get in an argument with your Bull, I wish you good luck. You’re going to need it. A Taurus in an argument is unmovable, even when they are in the wrong. Their stubbornness is exactly like a Bull with his feet planted in the ground, and head down, ready to stop anyone from moving him.

So, are Libra and Taurus compatible? There will of course be some difficulties and a bumpy road along the way, but if you can manage to tone down your flirtatious mannerisms, and pull your Taurus outside more often to show them the wonders of a social life, you may do just fine. But Air is so different than Earth I can’t see this relationship lasting long!