Libra and Scorpio Compatibility

Air and Water. Libra and Scorpio compatibility is very low without some work. This relationship just isn’t going to work out.

While Libra is not as freedom-loving as some of the other signs on the zodiac (I’m looking at you, Aries), you will feel cooped up and almost constantly worried about what is wrong with your Scorpio, which seems to change every other week. Scorpios are moody and possessive, obsessed and most of all containing very complex emotions they themselves will not understand and will be frustrated about.

Scorpio wants above all to be understood. This is just as well, you are a communicator and you know how to talk to people, as well as listen, so you can sit down and talk out your partner’s emotional problems. However, at times, he will isolate himself and refuse to talk to you until he’s thought out what may be wrong himself. This can be annoying and frustrating to deal with, especially because you would rather be going to the next dinner party or on an outing with your friends.

And oh boy, if you DO go out with your friends, expect your Scorpio to be jealous and expect him to Have Words with you when you come home, late at night from some party no doubt.

There are some good things to your relationship. If your Scorpio is truly in love with you, expect to be doted on and catered to, admired and adored. Scorpios are known to be a little obsessive, and it will show in his careful attention towards you. No one is better than a Scorpio in bed, either. His intensity and adoration will shine in the bedroom.

This relationship is very difficult, and to be honest the negatives will win out over the positives. If you have eternal patience to deal with Scorpio’s ever-changing mood, maybe, but I doubt it dear Libra…