Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility

Air and Fire, the stars smile on this combination. Sagittarius may be a hard catch for you, but once you get your hands on her, you will never regret the decision or all the effort put in towards catching her eye.

Sagittarius is an explorer, always trying to find the next exciting adventure. You both love to socialize and could spend the night, every night even, going to parties, dancing, going to dinner, playing games with your friends. Libra has a kind of refined elegance that your Sagittarius will go wild for, and may make it easier for you to catch him.

Sagittarius is the wild adventurer, full of ideas and plans for the future, always on the move. You will have to keep up, and match his enthusiasm or else I’m afraid he may find someone who he thinks is “more like him.”

Sagittarius is also very much a lover of freedom. You will need to give him some space and make sure he knows he is not forced to stay by your side 24/7. This behavior will pay off in the end though – Sagittarius is very reliable and adoring once you win him over. You will have no lack of faith or sincerity in this relationship.

Sagittarius has a problem with tact. If you get in arguments with your partner, remember that he will always tell you the 100% truth no matter how it may hurt your feelings. Just remember that the plus side to this is that he will never, ever lie to you, so you never have to worry about him hiding his true thoughts and feelings from you.

Sagittarius values honesty, independence and freedom above all else, which is quite not what Libra has in mind. Libras tend to want long-term relationships which will eventually turn to marriage, and Sagittarius will shy away if that word is ever spoken to him in a serious manner. You need to be patient with your partner and wait, because if he honestly wants to be with you he will always come back to you in the end.

To say the least, Sagittarius knows how to make love. Your sex life will always be inventive and creative, and most of all highly enjoyable.

So, in the end, is this relationship worth it? Libra and Sagittarius compatibility is high. Libra does not possess a lot of patience, but if you utilize all that you have, and stay exciting and open with your partner, in the end you may catch him and have a loving, ever-interesting life together.