Libra and Pisces Compatibility

Air and Water! You will lift your Pisces’ spirits, but be wary of getting drowned out by your partner’s Water. Libra and Pisces compatibility is so-so.

Pisces are first and foremost mysterious. This quality will attract and fascinate you, especially their ability to be charming and flirtatious when they want to. However, the mysteriousness can also backfire and be something that is utterly annoying. Whenever you ask a question of a Pisces, especially one involving intuition or emotions or feelings, a Pisces will be prone to shrug her shoulders and move on, unable to give any proper answer.

Pisces are contradictory and get depressed often. While you yearn for going out and socializing with your friends, if you do choose that route, Pisces will blame it on herself and think you are abandoning her. This means you will continually have to praise and lift your partner up, encouraging her and letting her know you love her.

Pisces is highly sensitive as well. You will need all your tact and diplomacy in order to not upset her, and even then saying just one wrong thing may undo her entirely. And if you do upset her, she will often play the victim and not know what is wrong, choosing to sulk and be moody instead of talking it out with you. Give her time, she will open up when she is ready to.

However, it is not all bad. Pisces are as fascinating as they are mysterious, and you will have a lot you can talk about. They are curious and imaginative, and will listen to you when you tell them about some exciting new idea you have or something you read in the newspaper. They are also so lazy they don’t mind letting you be the dominant one in the relationship, which will suit the leader in you just fine.

This relationship may start very well, but it will end up dry and tasteless. Pisces is different than you in so many ways – mood swings, inactive and lazy at times, and unsociable when in a bad mood. You want to go out and dance the night away, she wants to sit at home for a quiet night on the couch with a movie or book.