Libra and Libra Compatibility

Air and Air, you are seeds from the same tree. Libra and Libra compatibility may be seen as both ways – it is high, but there is a potential for boredom or arguments in this type of relationship.

You will see yourself in your partner. This means all of the bad with the good, and the bad may sometimes seem to outweigh the good. Libras are naturally lazy, enjoying an active social life but not worried about picking up after parties or cleaning dishes. You would rather go on a double-dinner date then eat at home and have to wash up afterward. You may start to find yourself frustrated with your partner’s flaws, but remember that you have the same ones as he does and so he may be thinking what you’re thinking.

You will also be conflicted about who is the leader. Libras are diplomatic but also would prefer to be on top, organizing and structuring the physical aspects of their life. Because you are also excellent at communication, it will do good to sit down and talk things through with your partner, assigning household chores and coming to compromises about where you want to go when – there are so many house parties to choose from sometimes it may seem a little overwhelming!

You are not overeager to tell the truth during an argument. You would rather be tactful and have it come to an end without either party getting angry. This may lead to some miscommunication between the two of you (even if you like talking, it doesn’t mean what you say will always make sense.) Try to open up more to your partner, you know she is having the same difficulties you are.

Libra is the sign of marriage, and when two Libras get together, this may be what both of them are thinking about. Remember to be honest with one another about what you want your future to be like, and this may be just what you will receive!

This partnership would work but will, like all things in life, take work. Remember to keep your calm, explain yourself fully and don’t try to hide your true feelings from your partner, and always enjoy yourself at a party.