Libra and Leo Compatibility

Oooh, are Libra and Leo compatible? I would say so! Your Air will fan Leo’s flames, leading both of you up to ever-climbing heights.

Leo loves to be the center of attention, a big Cat that wants to be appreciated and adored, loved and complimented. You will find many things to compliment your Lion on, indeed. Leos are often wonderful, flexible creatures and your partner will always change his mind when you show him to see it your way. Libras enjoy being the center of attention too, but in a more subtle, tactful way. If you can manage to slip yourself into your Leo’s shadow, you will find the attention you seek and will also be able to control your proud big Cat – through subtle, sincere flattery.

Leos are like the Kings of the Safari. They like being on top and they like being the boss. If you can deal with this, you will get along just fine. Otherwise, expect fights in your future, and keep in mind Leo will always make it loud and explosive, turning it more into a play than an actual argument, and he is always the hurt victim in the center of the issue.

Leos are passionate and stylish, and they show this off sexually. Your Lion will court you, take you on a romantic date, bring you home and show off his fervent ardor and complete devotion to you. All you need to do in return is flatter his ego and tell him what he wants to hear (it is also true, but first and foremost what he wants.)

The only problem I can see is Leo’s big head. Leo loves being complimented, but normally the compliments you give him are the qualities he actually possesses. Leo is big-hearted, generous, refined and very social and communicative, and as long as you treat him right you will get exactly what you are looking for. This big Cat will seem more like a purring house cat under your control, if you know how to deal with him!