Libra and Gemini Compatibility

Are Libra and Gemini compatible? I would say YES!

You are twin Air signs, both soaring high above the clouds. You have excellent communication skills, and while Libra tends for tact and diplomacy above all else, Gemini has a vivaciousness and vitality that you can’t help but come to love. You both love to be at the center of the action, whether it is hosting a dinner party, or going out to a bar for drinks with friends. No matter where you two are together, you are guaranteed to be enjoying yourselves and making new acquaintances.

Of course, even the best of relationships come with their down sides. Neither of you are practical with money and your house will be somewhat of a mess, but why should that be a bother? You are soaring high above everyone else, in love and happy wherever you are. Libras have a tendency to become bored easily, but with a Gemini? That will never happen!

Your intellects match each other, so your conversations will always be lively. And as for the physical communication, Gemini is known for his creativity and impulsiveness, and the mood may strike you anywhere – in the kitchen, on the couch, in front of the fireplace. Your sex life will be immensely enjoyable.

So, the downsides: Your house will be a mess and you will probably spend far too much money together. You will need to add a touch of reality to your relationship (some Earth signs in either of your constellations would do wonders here). But, if you are truly in love, which most times it will definitely seem like, you will be able to conquer any issue.