Libra and Cancer Compatibility

Air and Water – not the best choice for a relationship, I would say. Cancer is so moody and emotional that at times you will just want to scream and give up the entire thing.

Your Cancer is like the ocean – she is so deep and complex you will sometimes get lost amidst the waves. If you go too deep it will be hard to pull yourself back up, and Cancer is so confused by her emotions anyway she won’t be any help in this regard.

One thing Libras love is change, and Cancer is not lacking in this. However, what most often changes with your Crab will be her moods, not the most ideal situation to deal with. If you upset your partner, be sure to hear about it months after the fact. Cancers never forget and rarely forgive. And while you enjoy sentiment as much as the next person, Cancers are just too sentimental, even for you. And, did I mention overly dramatic? If you decide to get out of the house and go to a party, expect theatrics when you come home. You know they will be coming, the only thing you won’t be able to tell is when. Days, weeks, months from now? Cancers let their emotions build up too much, quite frankly.

Cancer enjoys the idea of “home”. This means staying home, taking care of the home, and making sure everything is tidy and neat. You are often a little too messy and disorganized yourself, with such a busy social schedule you lead, that Cancer may reproach you for your messiness. Crabs also tend to be attached to their family, so be prepared to meet many different aunts and uncles during your relationship.

Libra possesses the scales of life, and an analytical mind preferring straight lines, though you do tend towards diplomacy (you will need all of your diplomatic skills when dealing with a Cancer, for sure.) Cancer is often confused by all the complex and conflicting emotions inside of himself, and wouldn’t know a straight line if it smacked him in the face. This will lead to unfortunate arguments where half the time you won’t even know what the matter is or even what you are arguing about.

But, an up side to this whole mess! Cancers love making money, and know exactly how to save it, so you have your phone bill paid for! However, they are also very practical and also, possessive. Your Crab’s jealousy will ensure that you think twice before making a flirtatious move on someone. You will need to tone yourself down in order to stay with your partner.

Libra and Cancer compatibility is a gloomy proposition. Sure, your Crab can sit and talk to you for hours, you do love communication after all, however half the time he won’t know what he is trying to say himself. This relationship would bring a lot of unneeded stress to your life.