Libra and Aries Compatibility

Air and Fire, eh, this may work. You are opposites in the zodiac, and it is often said that opposites in relationships are either Heaven or Hell on Earth.

Aries is a headstrong, freedom-loving adventurer, afraid of being tied down by anyone and always happy to dive head-first into any situation. Libras take a little more time to make their decisions, and your partner may get annoyed at you for this. You may start to feel that Aries is too impractical and reckless, yourself.

Libra is the balance of life as well as the sign of marriage and association. She wants to have lots of friends, enjoy all of them, and find someone to settle down with. Aries does not want to be tied down, period. He wants to go to the ends of the Earth and whether or not you are coming with him is a small detail in his life. Aries can also be bossy and above all hypocritical. He will make eyes at anyone he chooses, but if you dare to, oh no, you have brought the wrath of the Sun down on you!

Of course, everything about him is why you are so attracted and fascinated and can’t seem to get him out of your head. He is so pro-active, great at making decisions and taking charge of situations, what’s there not to like? Just remember that he will also make decisions for you in your life, even if you don’t want him to. Unlike your analytical mind, dear Libra, Aries won’t stop to think about the consequences of his actions – both when in an argument or when doing something foolish or hasty. You may find your feelings hurt more than you would wish with this sort of partner.

Libra, as I’ve said before, wants marriage, marriage, marriage. Aries will flat out refuse this. If you are planning to stay in this relationship, I sure hope you are up for the challenge sweet Aries. One of the upsides, of course, is that Aries’ explosive energy shows itself fully in her love-making. You will always enjoy yourself and be fully satisfied when it comes to making love, and of course, you have a few tricks up your own sleeve as well.

Looking over it, this relationship will be very taxing on your energy. Libra and Aries compatibility, as written above, is either all or nothing. You will have the ride of your life, but you will also have to deal with some things that will take a lot of patience. If you really love your Aries, though, anything truly is possible.