Libra and Aquarius Compatibility

Double air, two refreshing gusts of wind mixing together for a lovely relationship and guaranteed good times. Libra and Aquarius compatibility is very high.
Your relationship is built on communication and philosophical discussions. You are capable of hours of talk, with each other, with your friends out on a double date or at a bar with complete strangers. Air signs are built around excellent communication.
Just remember, dear Libra, that your Aquarius is not nearly as flexible as you are. And even if you are not destined to be lovers, you will still have an excellent friendship.

As well as Aquarius’s inflexibility, he has a love for change and freedom. You are searching for a partner you can settle down with… Aquarius doesn’t want anything to do with it. If you are serious about this relationship, you will need to give your Aquarius much time and space, and keep him on a very long leash. As well, note that Aquarius enjoys flirting now and again, it won’t be anything serious but he will not appreciate jealousy.

Aquarius is sexually a creative, inventive genius. He treats it as a game he wants to win, and will change up his style every so often to keep things spicy. Sometimes you won’t even make it to the bedroom when the mood takes you.

Another problem you are both going to have is your lack of common sense and a strong economical background. You both are going to waste money like its a renewing resource. As well, your house is going to be a complete mess because you both just don’t have time for housework – your schedules are always full for the next dinner party or night out on the town.

This would be a perfect relationship, but it needs a little tweaking. Bone up on your economics and learn when to get a job, as well as let go of an argument, and happiness may very well be yours.