Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Fire and Earth… classically these signs are not compatible with one another. You may get along for a short while, but the difficulties and differences may be too overwhelming for either of you.

Virgo is a perfectionist, and is all about the details. This will lead to Virgo criticizing you about every little flaw… it is not meant in a hurtful way, merely to make you achieve your full potential, however, it will hurt you nonetheless. With the perfectionism, however, comes a sharp and bright intellect, an interesting conversationalist who is witty and attractive during discussion. This intellect, though, does not appreciate your theatrical and dramatic nature. Virgo will often blow you off, not interested in your acting.

Virgo is a sign that needs attention, and needs to be protected. You are often the same way, preferring to get the Lion’s share of attention in a relationship. This, coupled with the stubbornness of an Earth sign and the tenacity of a Fire sign, will lead to a conflict of interests in your relationship. Virgo is not to be dominated, and this is exactly what you wish to do.

Virgo is practical and prudent, preferring a pragmatic approach to life. You, proud Lion, are sophisticated and gifted with a generous heart, spending money loosely and enjoying the fast lane in life. Virgo won’t enjoy your ego and strong sense of self, or your somewhat carefree approach to life. Here the criticism will be brought up again – why can’t your lover enjoy himself more and criticize others less? Virgo is far too serious for a carefree, extravagant Lion.

Of course, despite Virgo’s criticisms and stubbornness, she does not want to actually be the master in the relationship. She simply does not want you telling her what to do all the time. If you can learn to see this fine line, you may yet have a solid relationship. Virgos can offer you stability, a safe, strong home, and a solid partner who, criticism aside, will love you for who you are. All it takes is getting under Virgo’s shell, opening it up and discovering the feelings and passion, the genuine emotion waiting underneath. You will need to tame your wild ego, slow down and be patient with your intelligent, bright Virgo, and many rewards will be reaped.

This patience will also have to be applied to your sex life. Virgo does indeed have passion and emotion – it simply takes a lot longer to come out than your refined and honed senses. Be patient and don’t rush your partner, and you will surely enjoy it in the end…

The bottom line? A Leo and Virgo often do not work out. As soon as this relationship starts, you will be on the prowl, and if the Virgo feels you are rushing or dominating too much, she will simply move on, forgetting your very existence.