Leo and Taurus Compatibility

Oh dear, Fire and Earth… I would not recommend this! Your personalities are too different, you are not compatible enough.

Taurus is practical, and does not approve of your generosity and extravagant spending. On the other hand, Taurus is devoted and faithful, always by your side and always there for you when you really need him. This will not apply to going outside of the house, however… Taurus, like most Earth signs, prefers to stay at home, enjoying a quiet evening of relaxation, as compared to your need for socializing and being surrounded by people.

The only thing a Taurus reacts to is patience. Taurus is like a Bull, slow moving and takes his time with everything he does. You will need to be patience for the true virtue of this sign to shine through the dirt. It will also take much change. You will need to learn to be thrifty with your earnings, generosity is fine but a Bull does not agree to all of your earnings being blown at once on something he will probably deem “frilly”.

You will probably be very sexually attracted to a Taurus. Your physical attraction is strong and you both enjoy making love. Taurus is sensual and touching, and if you are patient with her you will be lost in a world of pleasure. You enjoy making love as well, and your partner will appreciate this quality in you. This may be the one part of the relationship you both excel at and agree on.

This relationship needs to be taken slow and with a heavy dose of practicality and realism. Unfortunately, doing this will lead you to understand that a Taurus simply isn’t the one for you.