Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Fire and Water… you are not compatible at all, you simply don’t work together. Fire evaporates Water, Water chokes Fire.

Scorpio is often a manipulative, possessive sign, having problems with jealousy and normally unable to share his feelings with you. While your relationship (99% of the time) started physically, falling in love, having a high amount of sexual attraction… the more this relationship goes on, the more you will feel yourself confused and hurt by your Scorpio’s difficult and manipulating ways.

If your relationship existed only in bed, the two of you would have a chance. However, relationships are more about co-existing outside of the bedroom, enjoying one another’s company and spending time together. It takes a lot of time for Scorpio to open up and show her true feelings and thoughts. You need a lot of patience and understanding for this often-moody, mysterious sign who has the potential to get upset about anything. Most of the time, you won’t even understand why.

On top of these problems, Scorpio is stubborn and wants to be the definitive leader. Leos are the Lions and Lionesses, rulers of the jungle, and they are just as stubborn about it. You are both fixed signs, and your arguments will always take a long time to blow over. This coupled with Scorpio’s tendency to keep grudges, will eventually lead to a very tense and stressful relationship.

Although your sex life will always be passionate and satisfying, you have to ask yourself if it is worth the emotional problems you are going to be facing in a relationship with a Scorpio. If you both can overcome your stubbornness and need to lead, sit down, and compromise, perhaps this relationship could be possible. I doubt it, and the stars do not see much of a possibility either.