Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Fire and Fire! This relationship will be fulfilling and satisfying. Your signs will mingle and brighten one another’s day.

You should thank the stars for giving you your Sagittarius! He was born to be yours and yours alone. Sagittarius doesn’t mind you being in charge, and in fact does not feel the need to take charge himself so will appreciate you that much more for it. Your exuberant personality, your buoyant and happy nature, your love of freedom, all of these qualities will attract a Sagittarius to you and make sure he stays right where he belongs – by your side, following your lead on the next adventure.

You are both passionate and don’t know the meaning of control. Extroverted and social, you will always enjoy each new day, which will always take you somewhere different. Your Sagittarius will show you the meaning of faithfulness, and you in turn will teach him commitment, something a Sagittarius has problems with. You will come to love the intellectual in your Sagittarius, always guaranteed to keep you stimulated and interested.

You are both philosophers and enjoy a challenging conversation, analyzing social and political problems with one another. As well, neither of you enjoy staying stuffed up at home to often, and so you will appreciate having a partner you can go out with, and invariably show off (knowing a Leo’s theatrical nature.) Sagittarius is not as proud as you are, big Cat, and won’t mind giving in to your ego once every so often (especially since you deserve it!)

The only problems I can foresee in your nature are exactly what brings you such happiness with one another. You are both Fire signs, meaning you are straightforward and often lack enough tact to tell the truth in a diplomatic way. As well, you are not very practical or stable, and the housework is, more often than not, never getting done. Your bank accounts may look a little dusty too… neither of you is very good at making or keeping money.

Your sex life is guaranteed to be loving, passionate, and creative. Sagittarius puts her all into making love and will expect you to do the same. However, give your partner some time to warm up to the idea. Sagittarius’s enjoy their freedom too much and won’t appreciate you getting too possessive or jealous early on in the relationship. You hardly know each other yet!

A Leo and Sagittarius has great potential. As long as you can remember to give your partner some freedom, and don’t get too upset by harsh, direct words, I can only see happiness in your future.