Leo and Pisces Compatibility

Fire and Water relationships rarely ever work. You are so different from one another, Water will drown out your Fire, or you will dry your partner up.

Pisces is intuitive and emotional, delicate and sensitive. You are far too straightforward, and your partner will translate nearly everything you say as being criticizing and upsetting.

Pisces is dependent, which you love because it means you can live up to your full potential as a leader. However, Pisces also requires constant care and attention from you, something you will find tiring. If you do not show your partner enough love and attention, she will get upset and feel that you are ignoring her and hate her, et cetera.

You may have been attracted to Pisces’ mystical, dreamy nature. This very same nature that attracted you also has downsides which you should consider – Pisces is insecure, frivolous, and is very wasteful with money. You also enjoy spending money, but only on things you deem relevant and worth it. Pisces will pick up any old painting, seemingly at random, exclaim and get excited and buy it, no matter what the price may be. This will be tiring to deal with – and you had best keep your bank accounts separate.

Pisces is introverted and shy, to go along with her insecurity. You are proud and extrovert, completely unable to understand your partner’s point of view. Pisces prefers to stay indoors, in enclosed spaces… like a goldfish in a fish bowl? You want to get your partner out of the house and show him off downtown, but this is something Pisces will get terrified about and shake his head, diving back into the home and not coming out.

Of course, there are good sides as well. Pisces is unselfish and capable of great sacrifice, and will do a lot to make you happy. She will show you admiration and make you feel very important, and is always willing to listen to your ideas. However, sometimes you feel like you and your partner are on two separate worlds, completely incapable of understanding one another. Pisces’ interests are so different from yours, she can’t understand why some things are so important to you either.

Your need to dominate will always be fulfilled in this relationship. Pisces enjoys being dominated and feeling subordinate to his partner, and it is often if you get into an argument he will give in and let you win.

If your partner needs something, some sort of emotional support from you, he will not tell you. He is so reliant on his intuition, he expects you to do the same and just be able to “tell” when something is wrong with him. You will scratch your head in confusion when your partner isolates himself for days, not being able to understand what’s wrong when you beg him to tell you and he refuses.

Leo and Pisces are simply not compatible. You would do better to find a more straightforward partner, one that is not so mystical and mysterious.