Leo and Libra Compatibility

Fire and Air. In many ways, you are very compatible. There could be a few touchy points, but a liberal amount of compromise and uncontested love always helps solve problems.

Leo is creative and artistic, dramatic and theatrical. Your dominating and passionate personality, always active and bright, is sure to draw an artistic Libra. Libra is bad at making decisions, and prefers your dominating personality.

Libra’s artistic and refined inclination fits nicely with your extravagant and elegant tastes, and you will often find yourselves agreeing with one another on an interesting painting or an elegant restaurant. Libra is analytical, possessing the “scales” of life, and is always full of bright and interesting discussion, something you appreciate. Libra also doesn’t mind going out and being shown off, which is something a Lion always enjoys.

Your relationship is grounded in communication, something both a Libra and a Leo excel at. However, there are some problems you may run into. Libra is straightforward and sincere, and you prefer to be adored and admired by your partner. You won’t find as many compliments as you wish from a Libra partner, however this means you should treasure what compliments you do receive. If the two of you get in an argument, Libra won’t stand for your dramatic outbursts or your “scene” making – he will just leave and wait until you feel like talking rationally.

Libras tend to take delight in Leos. You have a certain style, an ardent and enthusiastic personality, and your Libra will take delight in it. Libra does not mind being dominated, but try not to handle your lover too crassly or you will find her looking for a new partner before long.

Sexually, Libra wants to take it slow and passionate, giving time for the relationship to build up. Follow his lead and you won’t be disappointed in the end.

The two of you could work out nicely together. You may as well try it and see!