Leo and Leo Compatibility

The two of you? You can achieve anything! If only you could learn some compromise…

First, you must assess the situation. You are both Fire signs, which means you have the same qualities and the same flaws. In a Leo’s case, this means, but is not necessarily bad, that you both want attention, to be complimented, admired and adored. This simply means that you have to give just as much as you expect out of the relationship.

Leos tend to be generous and passionate, with an ardent and fervent attitude towards life; so as long as you keep your partner happy you should reap the same happiness.

Leos are the most bright out of all the sun signs. You shine, you are stylish, refined, thoughtful, kind, et cetera. You are very well deserving of the compliments you wish to receive. Never try out flattery on your partner – you would never want it yourself, so what makes you think a similar Lion would? As well, you can both sniff a lie when it is presented to you.

Leo is also a royal sun sign – you are the kings and queens of the jungle after all! Your arguments will be great and terrible – theatrical, loud, dramatic – each of you trying to roar louder than the other. This is not aided by your quick temper, and you will have to learn much tact and compromise in order to keep things right with your lover.

Leos are not good with money. You are good at spending it, buying extravagant and expensive things, courting your partner very well, but saving it is out of the question. You are good at making money, yes, but calm the spending down and try to think of the future – you will need to buy a lot of things if you have cubs!

Leo is a sign that loves courting, enjoys paying attention to their partners and showing how much they are loved. In this, you will both find satisfaction.

Sexually, learn to share the spotlight. Both of you are important to one another and you both should pay homage to the other. Leo is quite adept in bed, but should learn to sometimes put down his big Ego and let the other partner have a turn.

Two Leos together are sociable, dramatic, theatrical, and most of all important to one another. You are faithful, devoted and doting. Try to learn compromise and patience with one another, don’t fight to be the boss, and your relationship could surely lead to marriage.