Leo and Gemini Compatibility

Fire and Air! So close to perfection, a few compromises here and there shouldn’t bother you, right? Gemini is such a good sign for you, you should do whatever it takes to hold on to him/her.

Of course, there are a few sticking points you will have to consider. Gemini is a little absent-minded, not prone to taking love as seriously as you would wish. Gemini can be unfaithful at times, but if you remind your lover enough of the importance of devotion, it will undoubtedly stop her in her tracks. Gemini does not want to upset or harm you, dear Lion, she simply forgets sometimes.

Gemini is the adolescent of the zodiac, containing a duality that will sometimes confuse you. From this duality, however, comes an exuberance and a thirst for adventure, however. Gemini loves socializing, doesn’t care to save money, and enjoys the friendship of many different people. His liveliness and love of change is sure to attract you. You both know how to have fun, and you definitely take advantage of this.

Don’t expect Gemini’s daily presence. Gemini is like a gust of wind, traveling everywhere and touching all in its path. This does not mean that she is off cheating on you, it’s simply that Gemini enjoys the company of everyone and treats them all the same.

If you have patience, your Gemini will come around to you. Gemini possesses such love and charm, admiration and adoration, all it takes is a little trust and a lot of love coming from your side. You are lucky, for you are a fixed, stable sign. When you are determined on something, most of the times you will indeed get it! Just give Gemini some time to sidle up to you.

You are both excellent communicators, and you understand the importance of generosity. Life and love is something to be shared, not kept away and hidden (such as most Water signs prefer.) However, being an intellectual, Gemini will first give you his mind far before he gives you his heart. This, as well, will take patience, dear Lion.

Gemini is not normally in a relationship for the long haul. They value their independence and do not appreciate possessiveness. If she feels that you are doing this, be cautious. Gemini is just as likely to flit away on the next gust of wind then sit and talk out the problem with you. And, if your partner does come to you with a problem, be sure it is something serious. Geminis are analytical and will think out their problems before handing them over, so you had best take her seriously.

Your sex life… have you ever put the bellows in a fire place? That is what it is like. Energetic, embellished, enjoyable – and always, ever changing. You will fully enjoy yourself with a Gemini partner, who understands the importance of changing routine every once in awhile (for a Gemini, that means every day!)

Be patient, proud Lion. Your generosity, wit and charm, your sociable skills, all of these things a Gemini loves. Give your partner time and space and he will certainly be yours for as long as you wish.