Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

This is not a compatible relationship. Fire and Earth… reserved Capricorn and a dramatic Lion. If you can make some changes to your nature there may be hope for the relationship.

Analytical and sensible, Capricorn is first and foremost a pragmatist; he is a realist and prudent with money. So unlike you, proud Lion, who enjoys dramatics and theatrics, thrives on being the center of attention and being constantly reaffirmed. Don’t expect many compliments out of your partner, and you may find him throwing disapproving looks your way when you let yourself get too carried away.

Capricorn is a stubborn Goat, and if you wish to dominate her think twice about it. She will lower her horns and won’t let you get close.

Capricorn’s reserve will show in everything he does. He won’t feel the need to compliment you or show his love as often as you wish. Your sex life will take what feels like years of patience in order to open your partner up, which is something the Lion does not have a lot of! If you are willing to stay with a Capricorn, get ready to deal with precise criticism, and having your feelings hurt often by his analytical views.

Another point of contention in your relationship will be money, money, money. Capricorns feel the need to save money and look towards the future. You want to spend money on your partner, show off a little extravagance at how much you love him! Capricorn will just look at your money spending with disapproval, which will make you feel rejected in the end.

As well, in order to satisfy your need for attention you will want to get out of the house, go out with friends and enjoy yourself. Capricorn is home-oriented, but hardworking. You will often know exactly where your partner is, which is working late at the office. As a result, while you go out and get your need fulfilled, Capricorn will come home late to an empty house. This won’t be a satisfying relationship for either of you.

Fire in a relationship with Earth… Earth will invariable cover Fire and put it out. You will find this relationship fascinating in the beginning, but the longer it goes on the more frustrated and faded you will feel.