Leo and Cancer Compatibility

Fire and Water? Classically these relationships are not compatible.

Leo and Cancer… you both possess a romantic, passionate outlook on life, yet it is displayed so differently from one another! Cancer is full of vague emotions, unable to fully explain himself but deeply sensitive and fragile. You, sweet Lion, are proud and egotistical, understanding yourself perfectly… you will be baffled by your Cancer’s inability to answer emotional questions, and especially the moody outbursts he is prone to. You are going to ask yourself, “Is this worth it?” more than once.

Anything can upset a Crab. You could put your shoes on the wrong side of the door and the Cancer could feel miffed… and this is not an exaggeration, for I have heard of Cancers who have gotten upset from lesser things. And although, it is true, Cancer will make you the center of her universe – adoring, doting on you, taking care of your every whim and need – she is unable to get out of the house and go on as many adventures as you would like. Cancer is a domestic sign and prefers a quiet night at home to an exciting party or social situation. This is guaranteed to bore you.

Cancer has an enormous amount of love to offer you, but he will display it in a responsible, calm way – so unlike your ardent passion, your courtships and showing off that any Lion wants to do for their partner. Cancer wants to be quietly at your side, expecting your intuition to pick up on their love, AND their bad moods. Cancer can be possessive and jealous at times, and half the time you won’t know it until months later, when it comes out “You stayed too late at a party!” This can get exhausting and exasperating to deal with.

Even worse, the Crab has a shell he hides in! When you upset him, he will recede within this shell, making it nigh on impossible to understand what’s wrong – he certainly isn’t going to tell you. Cancer has such intuition and understanding of emotion he expects you to come to the same unspoken conclusions as him. Your patience is going to be tested.

As well, Cancer does not approve of you spending as much as you are used to. Cancer is an economical sign, good at making and investing money. Your partner does not want you to blow all this money giving to an orphanage, or buying some expensive (“Wasteful,” he will whisper before going back inside his shell) item.

Sexually, Cancer will be consistent. Cancer will fulfill your ever desire, has a need and desire to please you. Cancer pays attention to every detail and proclaims loudly of his love for you – something every Lion enjoys. Your sex life will be good, but it will not make up for the flaws in the relationship.

In order to keep your partner, and your sanity in a relationship like this, you will need to ask your partner multiple times, and often, what is wrong. Of course, if you ask too much this will just make her hide even longer! The Crab is so capricious, you dear Lion should look into finding someone more like yourself… maybe an Air sign?