Leo and Aries Compatibility

Fire and Fire, there is so much energy and passion in this relationship… will you be able to handle it?

You are both Fire signs, therefore you have the same qualities and the same flaws. You are egocentric, thinking you are the personal center of the universe. When the two of you get in an argument – expect explosions, stubbornness, so much passion for the topic, no matter what it is. Neither of you will back down and neither of you refuse to see the other’s point of view. A good dose of compromise and a reality check will help you when this happens. Learn that you are not the center of the universe, and give your partner a chance when the two of you disagree about something.

Aries is full of ambition and creative ideas, willing to do anything to get the gold. You appreciate this, being cut from the same cloth. While you are good at ruling, Aries is good at carrying out orders and making sure things work. One issue with both of you is that while you are very good at initiating projects (a characteristic of Fire signs) you are somewhat bad about continuing them, preferring to start something new.

If you were expecting faithfulness from your partner, think again. Aries will never go far enough with anyone, but they enjoy the chase and acting flirtatious. This will get on your nerves but try to explain what is wrong calmly, don’t let your anger overtake you. Aries has a special charm and is tactful, able to pay you just the right compliment that will cool off your anger and always bring you back to him.

You both enjoy going out, preferring action to staying stuffed up at home. You share an admiration for stylish things, being generous, making money hand over foot, and a dislike of housework. Luckily you will always have enough money to hire a cleaner, while the two of you are always out of the house starting projects and enjoying one another’s company.

Fire signs work together, but there are also problems (besides your tendency to have explosive arguments) to deal with. Aries is a bit of a hypocrite. Aries expects you to think he is the best lover you have had, and does not want to hear about your old partners. As well, he wants you to be faithful and devoted to him… even if he does not always give you the same courtesy. This has the potential to drive you a little crazy.

An Aries wants to be spoiled as much as you do. Fortunately, Fire signs are good at this aspect of a relationship, so you both will feel admired and appreciated together.

Aries overly enjoys the physical aspect of sex, and you should expect to be taken to bed early on in the relationship. Aries warmth and passion will match your own, but Aries, like everything else in life, strives to be the best, even in bed. You will often find yourself surprised and pleased by this mentality.

Leo and Aries is a pretty good match. As long as the two of you can avoid arguments and try to come to compromises, you should always appreciate your enjoyable, creative, bright and energetic partner.