Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

Fire and Air… Air often fans Fire’s flames, building up the relationship. But air can also desert Fire, leaving it oxygen-starved and weakened.

Leo is a very dominating sign, enjoying being the one to make decisions in a relationship. Aquarius is too independent for this, and you may have fights where he will accuse you of being too bossy.

You also love being in the center of the relationship, wishing your partner would dote on you and show admiration and appreciation. Aquarius will get irritated by this often, not enjoying the dramatics and neediness you are displaying. (as she puts it.) Aquarius also tends to be critical and analytical of her partner, which may hurt your feelings during these arguments. Aquarius can be so distant, you may even believe your partner is without feelings!

Aquarius’s independence will manifest in his need to save the world from itself, to get out of the house and change the world. And while you enjoy going out as well, you would prefer to be the center of attention at a house party than saving baby seals or going to charity auctions…

Aquarius’s individualism and detached nature will get on your nerves. You want to be shown how much you are loved by your partner, and Aquarius often doesn’t feel the same need. You dream of ardent, fervent love. Aquarius wants a partner who is also his best friend.

You are both bad with money, so you may want to consult a financial adviser before this relationship continues for very long.

Despite all of these flaws, there are some good things to your relationship as well. Your physical attraction will be so strong, at first you both will believe it is love at first sight. Aquarius is a good listener, always ready to admire and build on your ideas. This is good, but can also lead to communication problems – i.e. talking over one another in your excitement to get an idea out.

If you can let go of your possessive nature, if Aquarius can feel free and independent, she will come back to you and show you the admiration, love and respect you wish for. This takes a leap of faith – because sometimes when you let an Aquarius go they simply never come back. However, it will be necessary for this relationship to continue.

Your Aquarius, being an Air sign, will be ever-changing, a fascinating creature to you. In return, your Aquarius will often enjoy your theatrical style (as long as you aren’t using it to be dramatic and moody or upset).

You would do better to think twice before getting in a relationship with an Aquarius. Your compatibility is definitely in question.