Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

Air soars high above Earth’s head in this relationship. Air and Earth were never meant to be. However, you possess excellent communication skills, and Virgo, he has the ability to think everything through solidly. So, while you were never destined to be partners, you may have a very challenging, interesting friendship instead.

And while Virgo enjoys to think, you may find him a little too slow for your taste. You move at a fast pace, your life is full of change and a whirlwind of social events and action-oriented activities. Virgo simply… takes longer to get what you understood five minutes ago.

Luckily, Virgo possesses qualities that you like, as well as ones that you lack. Of course, the ones that you lack are the ones which can make Virgo a total bore at times, much to your dismay. Virgo is practical and organized, especially good with the details which you always miss in your Airy way. And, Virgo is not possessive and you will adore him for that. Geminis enjoy a little flirt now and then, and an understanding partner helps out very much so. As well, it is good to remember how faithful and loyal a smitten Virgo is. You can appreciate a partner who devotes himself to you. Your charm and exuberant nature will be sure to keep him at your side through the worst of times as well.

However, like any Earth sign, Virgo’s pragmatism will quickly turn to criticisms and negative reactions from Virgo. Gemini is just too freedom-loving, too spur of the moment and spontaneous for Virgo’s taste. Not to mention her lack of housework skills; your partner will accuse you of being disorganized and sloppy, uncaring about your household’s appearance. And you think Virgo is a stodgy old bore who likes staying home too much when there are parties going on! Appearance isn’t important when you can be out having fun with your friends. You are just too much opposite of each other.

When you try to get your Virgo to come out with you, his stubbornness will show up. Earth signs don’t like change, and though Virgos are flexible it won’t take a lot to twist them up too much for their liking. And as for the sex… Virgo is just too practical, too serious and wound up to think about it. Virgo has a strict morality as well and won’t approve of you taking your love making too lightly. You will need patience for this relationship, and that is something Geminis simply lack.

Gemini and Virgo compatibility just doesn’t work. You are too different from each other. Of course, they say opposites attract, and with love anything is possible, but I don’t think this relationship was bound to last. If you bend yourself backwards for your Virgo, dear Gemini, something good may happen, but it will take a lot of self-sacrifice.