Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

Oh dear, this relationship won’t last long at all. Water is all too possessive and smothering, trying to hold the flirtatious Air down and not let you talk to everyone you’d like to. Gemini and Scorpio compatibility is doubtful.

Scorpio is passionate, so passionate that it may turn into obsession. Be wary of this trait. You, dear Gemini, love a good flirt or two, and could never be cut off from your friends, definitely not. Scorpio will get upset about this, wanting you to stay in with her more than you would wish. You can try to invite him out with you, go ahead! He will get in one of his emotional isolated moods and make you go alone to be with your friends… and when you come back he will still be upset because you left in the first place!

You are such a busy bee you may often not even notice if there is something wrong with your partner. Scorpios believe in the mantra “Speak when spoken to”, especially with regards to their feelings. Your Scorpio will fall in love with everything about you, and yet possess none of those qualities themselves. You will often find yourself frustrated with your moody Scorpio, trying to half-guess what is bothering them this time.

Gemini is all about communication, and Scorpio just doesn’t seem to get it. You will often wonder why he doesn’t just open up to you and tell you what is bothering him. Scorpio’s propensity towards obsessions and jealousy can be a very dangerous road to go down, and I will tell you to be wary if you get in a long-term relationship with one.

Scorpio likes staying home, you like going out. Scorpio is possessive, you couldn’t care less. You love talking on the phone, Scorpio will reproach you for not belonging to him alone and no one else. Scorpio wants stability in his life, you would rather have a life full of change and then some.

Scorpio is a master of sex, end of story. He will show you a time you have never dreamt possible. However, you need to weigh the benefits as well as the negatives to your relationship.

If you are patient, your Scorpio will show you unending love. However, is it really worth it in the end? To have your Wind dampened and smothered by his Water, unable to have the life you would really rather live. If you can compromise and change your lifestyle, this is a possible relationship, but I doubt for very long…