Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility

Adventurous Air with a curious Fire. You are exact opposites on the zodiac, and it is generally agreed upon that this is a make it or break it relationship. Either you will have everything with your partner or you will get nothing done and will be continually frustrated and worried. Lucky for you, you can generally tell which way this relationship is going to go from the first few weeks.

Sagittarius is not very obstinate; if you get bored with the relationship early in she will not pursue you. This is lucky, as it will mean you won’t have to prolong something that wasn’t meant to be. Of course, Sagittarius does have a lot of qualities that will attract you to her; she is an intellectual, has a firm grasp on her ideas of the world and is happy to share them with you, and is very flexible in her thinking.

You are also flexible about things – you will never have an argument for very long. This state of being can get boring unfortunately – if neither of you care enough to discuss something or have different stances on issues, you will soon run out of things to talk about together.

Sagittarius is much like you, in that he is an adventurer who loves to explore the world around him. You will be able to take hikes together, go out dancing or learn yoga positions, there are many possibilities with your Sagittarius. You both share a love of impulsiveness and ever-changing environments.

Sagittarius treats sex like a sport, he will not take it as seriously as you would wish. However, as I said above, Sagittarius is also very flexible, so if you stay patient and explain your issues with him, he will probably happily open up to new ideas and listen to your ideas for a better time.

You both flirt with others, so jealousy is not much of a problem. And hey, even if you end up flirting with someone and finding a new partner, you and your Sagittarius will still be friends, as hiking partners or to participate in sports together.

You are both lacking in common sense and really don’t bother with saving money or doing good at your jobs, unfortunately. Financially you may be a bit of a mess.

There is a good chance your relationship will work out, but it is just as likely it will not. It all depends on you and your partner, and how much time and effort you want to put in to shaping your relationship into something both of you adore and love.