Gemini and Pisces Compatiblity

Air and Water. Are Gemini and Pisces compatible? There is potential here but I can’t see it for all the negatives. You could give the relationship a shot but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Pisces is a mysterious and mystical soul, preferring to live in the clouds with his dreams instead of come down to Earth. You will find yourself fascinated and attracted by this flippant attitude towards life. Pisces does not know anything about himself. He is a wandering Fish, letting himself flow on the currents to wherever he may.

Pisces loves to stay at home and relax, which is definitely to your disliking. Pisces would rather spend an evening hanging out on the couch, daydreaming or cooking up harebrained schemes, than actually do anything. Some days you will just want to drag your partner outside and force her to go on a hike or play tennis with you, ANYTHING to get her to get up and move.

When you get frustrated with your Fish’s slow decision-making and decide to get up and go out by yourself, he will stay home sulking about it, feeling abandoned and left behind. Pisces does not enjoy logical thought. He lives by intuition, feeling everything in a deep, emotional intensity that you will never be able to find within yourself. When Pisces tries to explain herself to you, you will be baffled and confused and overall will stop listening after awhile, which will hurt your partner’s feelings.

Although you may be able to drag some intellectual, genuinely interesting conversation out of your Fish, most often Pisces will want to discuss things you don’t want to spend your time on. As well, Pisces is very good at self-sacrifice and always looks at problems and situations from other people’s points of views, rarely caring about himself (except when it comes to you going out without him, that is.) This will bother you, not being able to see why your partner can’t stick up for himself more.

Pisces is deep-loving but also does not trust you. If you go out too much, making your partner insecure, and also fail to ask her what is wrong when she is obviously bothered, you may just come home one day to your partner gone and a note on the kitchen counter.

As for your sex life, Pisces treats it almost like a ritual. At first you will enjoy this great attention to detail your partner puts into making love, but after awhile, like with all things, you will become bored and wish she would do something else instead of the same old stuff you’ve been doing for weeks.

This is a relationship you need to think about before committing yourself to. Pisces can be a great partner, however, you need to make a lot of self-sacrifices yourself in order to stay together.