Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility

Air and Earth doesn’t really work… Air may spread Earth too thin and scatter it to the four winds.
Capricorn is an ambitious worker, forever climbing the social ladder. And while you enjoy will enjoy socializing as much as your partner, he does it for one reason only : a better job and a better angle in life. Once you recognize the difference you may lose your taste for going out for a night on the town with your partner.

Capricorns are rational creatures. They are so different from Geminis it is like night and day! Capricorns enjoy stability, thinking out every step before taking any, and is very pessimistic, something that will annoy you dear Gemini.
He is also very serious, and especially cautious. There may be a rare sense of humor hidden in your Goat, but you will have to open him up to see it.

Capricorns LOVE making money. This is their number two priority after job promotions. Capricorns enjoy the social aspects of life, especially when they are on top with a good car, a nice house and a well-raised partner (That’s where you come in.)

Capricorns are not very good about change. This is a big problem for you, as you want an ever-changing life, everything different day by day. Your Goat will hate this. Another big problem is the social life. Capricorns will go out if it means he can find a new job connection. You, however, want to go out and MEET people, for the people! You love talking, communicating, getting to know everyone. Capricorn won’t have time for this. He would rather stay late at the office, getting extra work done to impress his bosses.

Capricorn is most definitely future-oriented, while you would rather have fun now instead of worry about what happens tomorrow. This will cause more arguments between you. Capricorn thinks that you are wasting all your time when you talk on the phone or go out drinking with friends, he doesn’t understand how much this lifts your energies and fills your spirits.

There are so many different things about you two that I really can’t see this relationship working out any time soon. Gemini and Capricorn compatibility is very low. A Gemini would have to have a lot of patience (a quality that you are lacking in, say the least…) to want to have a long-term relationship with a Goat. Of course… love is mysterious and anything can happen.