Gemini and Aries Compatibility

If you manage to catch an Aries within your winds, you will feed her Fire, and she will never want to leave. Gemini and Aries compatibility is very, very good, with few problems.

Aries is fast-paced and action-packed. Always on the move, Aries wants to see the world, conquer it, and carry it home on his shoulders. You, forever attracted to change, will love his energy and commanding aura, how he is always doing something different every week and how your life never seems to have a dull moment around him.

Aries puts his passion into everything he does, using his quick wit to come up with new ideas on the spot and then implementing them the next day. You, dear Gemini, who are so used to getting bored with everyone else, must strive to make sure he does not get bored of you!

As long as you don’t mind with your Aries being the boss, you will have all the excitement and adventure you ever wished by his side. As well, being an Air sign you are absolutely in love with communication… you will find no lack of it from your partner. He will enjoy talking about his plans as much as you love gossiping about the news and your new ideas.

Gemini can be moody and unstable, something which Aries will see as a challenge, not as a tiresome problem. Aries is so strong his strength may even rub off on you, which may help stabilize your many mood changes.

For both of you, love is energy. You see your love in the energy surrounding each other, in the amount of passion you put into your work and projects and the time spent with each other while doing so.

Gemini is very forgiving, a quality that you will use a lot when dealing with a stubborn, bossy Aries who, if he doesn’t get his way, can burn bright with anger. You will need to be giving and easy-going when your Aries is upset.

Aries may sometimes be too quick for you, especially when it comes to sexual matters. You will find yourself swept up off your feet and taken wherever he feels like it – in the bedroom, the kitchen, on the couch. You will have to teach your Aries the pleasures of taking it slow, but other than that your sex life will be very satisfying and fulfilling.

This relationship was meant to work, it was written in the Heavens above.