Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility

Air and Water? This relationship is like taking a bubble bath together, relaxing and fun at the same time, guaranteed to keep both of you happy. Aquarius’s Water of Love will envelop you and lift you up, letting you build to your full potential.

Aquarius is known for being intellectually apt and bright. You have finally found someone who can match you word for word in a debate, someone who can argue with you intelligently. Even when you’re not arguing, you will find your intellect stimulated by Aquarius’s vast amount of knowledge. Your Aquarius will also be a little more stable than you are, giving you someone to lean on when you are lost or confused.

You are two passionate, sensitive, intuitive people. Aquarius is an inventor, renown for his creativity and ingenuity. You are charming, intellectual and have an eternally youthful personality, perfect for Aquarius’s high energy lifestyle. The only problem with both of you is that you lack common sense, and the grandiosity of your dreams sometimes fail to manifest themselves in real life, sometimes to your disappointments.

However, you have so much in common with each other that nothing will leave you down for long. You both live in the present, and boy can you both talk! There’s nothing more for either of you than a night out on the town with friends, in the middle of the action. Your Aquarius appreciates this just as much as you do.

And even when you aren’t around your friends, your communication skills are so good that you can have discussions for hours. Just remember that Aquarius lacks tact or diplomacy, and often is very direct with people, leading sometimes to courageous, yet obviously bad, arguments that would not have happened if you were in charge, dear Gemini. Aquarius is rebellious and unconventional, something that probably attracted you to him in the first place.

Sometimes, your Water Bearer will sweat over the little things. She lives life very intensely, and as a result takes things harder than you would normally. She may at times become reserved and withdrawn inside of herself, but if you find the right way to pull her inner spirit out of her shell you won’t be sorry for it. As well, keep in mind that Aquarius is stubborn. Along with her stubbornness and her creative and imaginative mind, arguments may be harder to finish than you’re used to.

Your love making will be done just as you live your lives – loud, enjoyable, with both physical and oral communication. You both love being creative and at times are even extravagant, and you can always expect something different. As well, both of you feel emotions more clearly, so your encounters will always be passionate.

If you have your Aquarius, don’t let go! Gemini and Aquarius compatibility is a definite yes.