Capricorn and Taurus Compatibility

Oh, my! You two are so alike, you are bound to fall in love and stay there! Earth and Earth together can make an impenetrable, loving relationship.

Taurus wants a home above all else, and you being a Capricorn are happy to provide it. Taurus is prudent and stable, reliable with the money you will inevitably bring home. Taurus and Capricorn both have a strong love of materialism and you will always have nice, sensible things in your home. Capricorn will fall in love with Taurus’s practicality and in turn Taurus will come to love everything about you. Taurus will be the strong, stable pillar of support for you while you climb the social ladder to the top.

Taurus and Capricorn both value faithfulness and spirituality. You are on the same wave length in so many things in your life, it is hard to see you ever arguing, and if you do, it certainly won’t be for long.

Capricorn generally loves giving gifts, and Taurus loves receiving them. Your Bull also has a few tricks up his sleeves – he loves flowers and the outdoors, both (makes sense being an Earth sign, no?) Indulge your Bull and go outside on hikes or picnics once in awhile, and he will be ecstatic.

Sexually, you are both fond of being slow and sensitive, letting things build up rather than racing straight to the finish line.

You enjoy so many of the same activities that, far from having a dull life, you will be satisfied and comfortable with each other, happy with the choices you have made. You will most definitely have a harmonious life if you so choose to have.

If you have found your Bull, hold on tight!