Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility

Earth and Water signs! A fantastic combination.

Capricorn is all about organization and structure, and will bring solidity and stability to the relationship. Scorpio will mix in her extreme passion for life and hard working qualities to bring together a relationship that will do splendidly. It is Scorpio’s passion which will fascinate you dear Capricorn. Scorpio has a capacity for expressive and intuitive emotions, something that Capricorn often forgets to pay attention to because of his constant concentration on hard work.

Scorpio has a shrewdness for collecting money, but will spend it as fast as it is made. You will need to keep a tight rein on your money or watch it slip through your fingers faster than you can replace it. However, Scorpio can be extremely hardworking when he puts his mind to it, it’s just that often he simply doesn’t want to.

Capricorn will need to be more flexible in this relationship than usual. When Scorpio gets on a subject, nothing will distract him until he is satisfied. You may tire of it far before Scorpio is ready to put it down. And sometimes, when Scorpio is bothered by something, nothing on Earth can open her up about the problem no matter what you do, so you will just have to wait it out until she wants to tell you.

Sometimes even Scorpio does not know what is wrong. He may go through periods of self-induced isolation and loneliness, but it doesn’t mean you have to leave her alone until she’s ready to tell you. Be gentle with your Scorpio, put on a movie and cuddle her close, give her small, gentle attentions until she wants to tell you. Don’t let your work get in the way of the well-being of your partner.

The one thing you may become frustrated about is how each of you analyze life. Capricorn tends to go by the straight, hard facts. Scorpio is more intuitive and goes by feelings, which are more vague than you would wish.

As for the matter of your sex life, Scorpio’s intuition and burning passion will shine clearly through. His ardor and yearn to please you will take your breath away. You, on the other hand, should show him a tender and loving time. And don’t worry about everyone in the neighborhood knowing about your sex – I know how reserved Capricorns are, and Scorpios are much the same. As for being left for another? Scorpios tend to establish long-term relationships, for marriage perhaps. You don’t need to worry if you want to stay with your partner… but if you don’t? Good luck, dear Capricorn! Scorpios do not give up easily. They are very possessive and at sometimes even obsessive, which may be unhealthy if you are trying to find another.

In the end, Scorpios and Capricorns compliment each other nicely. If you can work on a few differences – the moody isolation Scorpios can go through, or your all-consuming need to work above all else, you could do very well.