Capricorn and Pisces Compatibility

This, a mixture of Earth and Water! You could make really excellent clay from this relationship. All you need to do is learn to open up to your Pisces, and she will take it from there.

Pisces are governed by intuition. They consist of dreams, emotions and feelings. You are grounded in reality, and sometimes will be at a loss trying to understand your Pisces. However, just let it go, it’s how a Pisces is. Do not try to brand your Pisces as irrational, as that will only upset her.

Pisces are blessed with the gift of foresight, with the ability to understand someone or a situation through intuition alone. This may be frustrating, but just remember that she comes from a different world than you do and just flow with it. Your Pisces will nearly always be right about you and it’s not something you have to bother yourself about.

Pisces are non materialistic, something that will also confuse you. She does not care about buying the latest television set or car. However, if you find the right inspirational painting or donate to the right charity, she will be all eyes and ears for you. Her non materialism will make it easy to buy her gifts, at least. Small, sentimental items are preferred over larger, more expensive and gaudy things. Also, her love of creation will lead you to getting her cameras, notepads, a painting easel perhaps.

Pisces enjoys romanticism much more than you do, so you may want to brush up on your romantic dinners and aphrodisiac foods.

Something you can help your Pisces with is her often constant self-doubt. She will go through moods of depression and lack of self-confidence. Capricorns are hard workers and enjoy a challenge, and so you should stick with it, helping your Pisces rise up and think better of herself. Give her compliments often and she will pay you back with adoration and love.

Never try to fake amorous thoughts with the intuitive Fish! She will catch you in the lie every time and it will only upset her. When you make love with your partner, you must be on the same wavelength with her or her intuition will flare up.

If you stand by your Fish and help her through the hard times, she will in turn fascinate and delight you, and your relationship will always be a happy one.