Capricorn and Libra Compatibility

Earth and Air, what a strange mix! Capricorn and Libra compatibility may seem more like a competition at times.

You are both going to be very busy. Capricorns focus on rising through society, all the way to the top. Capricorn enjoys the thrill of being social when it means the opportunity to rise the social ladder and Libra, can you believe this? She has more connections than you, and is just as happy showing them off as letting you meet them. Libra is diplomatic and charming, qualities that will draw you to her.

You are both quick to jump at challenges, to prove your worth and show off your prowess. Libra possesses more natural charm than you, however, and some days you may be jealous at how easy he rises in the workplace, unlike all the hard work you have to put in day after day.

Libra will complain about how much time you spend at the office (funny, seeing how much she likes it as well!) You will need to have a lot of patience with this point of contention. Libra enjoys spending time with her lover and partner, and you will have to show your commitment to the relationship if you want her to stay with you.

Capricorns have high ambition, and very focused, knowing exactly what they want from life and how they are going to get it. Libras can be impractical and superficial at times, wandering off the path of her life to pick flowers by the wayside, forgetting where she was going. Her stability will be low, and you will have to pick up the slack. At times, you will think your partner is just lazy and doesn’t want work, and you will have to be careful of getting angry at her. But, when a Libra does want to work, watch out! She will give you a run for your money.

Sexually, your Libra will take sex much more seriously than you. You see it as a simple pleasurable activity, to be done when you feel like it. Libra is more of an intellectual about it, wanting to get more than a simple activity out of it. Luckily with her charm, she will be able to show you the other side of the mirror.

You will need a lot of patience when it comes to this relationship. Don’t give up, however. Libras are fantastic partners and it will be worth the time and trouble you’ve put into the relationship!