Capricorn and Leo Compatibility

Capricorn and Leo compatibility is unsure. Capricorn is a decidedly Earth sign, while Leo is a Fiery Lion. Together, Leo’s Fire has the capability of melting down a Capricorn’s reserved interior, but may be surprised by what he finds inside.

Astrologically, Fire and Earth signs don’t get along, but Capricorn and Leo have a few points in common that may save your partnership.

Capricorns possess upward mobility, enjoying socializing as long as it gives them a chance to climb in society. The Lion socializes as well, but it is for the joy and exuberance of talking to others, unlike your more reserved tone. So, you both love to socialize, but Capricorns do it more for reputation while the Lion seeks out simple enjoyment from it.

You both have an intense love of clothes and impeccable fashion senses. Your Lioness may be a little too exuberant in her clothes buying, but if you are a particularly successful Capricorn you will be able to afford it, and she may even teach you a thing or two about being a little more open and less reserved. You are guaranteed to nearly always be the best-dressed at any parties you attend.

Capricorn has the practical sense that Leo lacks, but this is exactly what may be a contention point in your relationship. Leo will find you too stiff, too dedicated to your work and taking things far too seriously.

You may have arguments, and your arguments will be bad. Capricorn and Leo are both very stubborn creatures, disliking to give up ground and believing that if only you are the louder one, you will win the argument. Love is a mystery, however, and if you can learn to compromise and quiet down, talk through your differences with dignity and reserve (that’s your cue, Capricorn) you won’t stay angry for very long at all.

Leo wants to be spoiled in the bedroom. She wants it all when it comes to making love – a romantic dinner with candles and champagne, flowers, chocolate, sexy adornments and lingerie, her list goes on. Male Leos can be like this too, (but will expect their partners to be the ones wearing the lingerie!) You will be able to summon up the sensitiveness and gentleness that your Leo yearns for, and in return your partner will caress and adore you.

You and Leo have as many things in common as you do differences. If you can sit down and sort out your differences, explain yourselves without blowing your tops, you could create a fufilling and satisfying relationship.