Capricorn and Gemini Compatibility

This Gemini is so much different than you dear Capricorn. Though possessing a sharp wit and resourceful personality, Geminis are far too much adventurers and risk-takers than you are going to find tasteful.

Geminis are also very playful, and Capricorns take things far too seriously. You may find yourself confused one moment to the next by Gemini’s propensity to tease and play with your emotions.

Gemini wants to get out and explore, while Capricorn stays late at the office every day making his work pay off. This will work out, as one won’t be sitting at home wondering where the other is. Gemini is an information-gatherer, and will have a large amount of knowledge she will be happy to share with you if only you ask. However, be prepared for a barrage of questions about yourself.

To win over your Gemini, you have to be intelligent and quick-witted, able to hold your own in a conversation. Be admiring and affectionate, and he will return in kind. And the plus side to all this, the conversation will always be stimulating.

The down side is that you always have to be on your toes and have witty and sharp conversation ready for your Gemini. You can quickly tire of this but Gemini needs a steady amount of intellectual stimulation in order to feel loved and give love by you. Of course, when she is intellectually stimulated, she is a very hard worker, something that every Goat admires and appreciates. Gemini also needs variation and spontaneity, something that Capricorns are not the best at. You need to reach deep into your creativeness and imagination in order to keep your Gemini.

In bed, Gemini is very inventive and willing to try anything new. She will never expect you to go above and beyond what she is doing, but that means that you have to at least match her. Remember to stay sensitive and gentle with her, and also remember Gemini’s special love of words – try to whisper something romantic in her ear every so often.

Capricorn and Gemini compatibility is very tough. You two are so different it just may not work out, however effort and hard work is a Capricorn’s forte, so think again! If you want this relationship to work, surely you can make it work.